Zhejiang Cheering Sewing Machine Co.,Ltd. won the provincial chief architect of the top ten indust

Date:2013-07-01 | Attention:3822
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  Recently, the Provincial Industrial Design Association announced the 2013 Top Ten Zhejiang industrial designers list, I zone Cheering Sewing Machine Co.,Ltd. R & D department, the chief architect of Liu Wen list, becoming the city's first win of the industrial designer.
Back in 2010, Liu Wen on the successful development of the "industrial brushless round knife scissors", the product is a world first, the world's leading indicators, the market popular with foreign businessmen welcome. In recent years, he has been committed to the "intelligent brushless direct drive motor energy efficiency", "series direct-drive industrial sewing machine motors," the research project, as a major participant, successfully developed a series of energy-efficient machine control system, combined with digital control 3D mechanical machinery manufacturing technology, using self-developed energy-efficient motor control drive technology, developed a new generation of energy-efficient machine control systems and industrial sewing series direct-drive  motor, environmental protection, energy efficiency comprehensive than national standards, to meet and exceed the EU EU the Effi-CEMEP standard sewing machine on the market with the current widespread use of clutch motor 70% energy saving compared to the product by the market, 1-May, Qianlin company output grew 48%.
It is reported that, in order to create a good atmosphere for industrial design, the Provincial Industrial Design Association recommended in the unit, the Association of audits and reviews, based on the candidate list of publicity, for the first time selected the top ten industrial design propelled, top ten industrial designers, top ten design firms , Qianlin company Liu Wen is the city's first and only one winner.

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